Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7 - Since today is Friday we want to avoid the old city as noon is the most crowded time of the week.  Friday is the Muslim day of worship and they all go to the mosque to pray.  We started out with an excellent 3D movie about the City of David
and then explored the ruins themselves.  From the Gihon Spring we entered Hezekiah's tunnel and followed it thru to the Pool of Shilom.

After drying off our feet we headed up to Mt Scopus and joined the Temple Mount Sifting Project for a couple of hours. 

After lunch back at the Ramat Rachel we headed out for Jericho.
  Our guide can move much more freely in the West Bank now.  After a ride on the old Jericho Road - a thrill a minute - we arrived at a valley where, by tradition, David wrote the 23rd Psalm. 

Then it was back to the kibbutz and an early dinner ( to avoid all the kids), a glass of wine and to bed.

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  1. I am loving "following along" on your trip!
    Praying for you gals and your group ~