Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 16 - We checked out of our hotel early in the am and headed for Bet Shean. - one of the important cities from the Canaanite period.  In addition to the high tell there are extensive ruins of the later Roman city of the time of Jesus.

We discovered a new part of the dig that has extensive Roman bath houses.  Of course, everyone had to try the ancient john's.

Our next stop was Megiddo where we hiked up the tell that cotains 25 or more cities - one on top of the other.  From a well preserved Canaanite alter at bedrock level to gates built by Solomon and stone mangers for feeding horses we  relived centuries long past.
After lunch at Megiddo we headed out to Mt Carmen where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal.
  From the roof of the monestary there is a wonderful view of the Jezereel Valley.

We then went to Caesarea Maritima and saw the great ruins of the palace and port that Herod the Great built
and then onto the Mediterranean to see the aquaduct that Herod had built.  We got to do a little wading which felt real good on the feet.

Then we were off to Jerusalem and upon entering the city our guide welcomed us to Jerusalem with wine, salt and bread just as Melchizedek welcomed Abraham 4000 years ago. 

Our day ended as we checked into the Ramat Rachel Hotel

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