Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3 - After breakfast which included all kinds of salads, fish and cheese, as well as the breakfast foods we are used to, we started our day heading north east toward the Golan Heights. Our first stop was Tell Hazor which is mentioned several times in the Old Testament.  We saw gates built by Solomon and a water system built by King Ahab.

Then, like Jesus, we visited the area of Caesarea Philippi where Peter made his great confession of faith.

 In the same area we also hiked over a very stoney path to the Banias Falls

and the gate from the city of Laish mentioned in Judges 18.

We also visited a site  where Jeraboam set up an idol of the Golden Calf after the seperation of Israel from Judah.

After a typical Israeli lunch in the Druze restaurant we explored the Golen Heights and looked over the fields into Syria. Doran gave us a lot of information about the tank battles suring the Yom Kippur war in 1973 as we looked over the Valley of 1the Tears.

Our last visit of the day was to the Anciant Boat located in the grounds of our kibbutz.  In 1986 the remains of a 2000 year boat was preserved over a period of years and is now on display.
Since this museum is on the grounds of our hotel it was a short walk back to our rooms, then dinner and bed.

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