Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jun 17 -  This morning we start off exloring the Mount of Olives after viewing the Lord's Prayer in over 100 languages at the Church of Pater Noster.We sang the Lord's Prayer in a cave on the property.

We then went to an area where we could overlook Jerusalem,
had a photo op and a camel ride opportunity. Phyllis even tried her hand at Camel Driving - or should we say pulling.

We walked down the Palm Sunday Road toward the Garden of Gethsemane
.  The hike down is at a pretty steep grade and we looked like a chain gang going down the road..  Lori even stopped for a smooch from the donkey and I think the donkey owner wished it were him instead.

On the way down we stopped and visited the Church of Domitian that commemorates Jesus weeping over Jerusalem.  This is when he prophisied that Jerusalem would be destroyed which came to pass in 70CE when Rome destroyed the city.  I love the view from this church.
When we got to the garden we saw olive trees that had roots that were 2000 years old and they were still producing olives.  It was amazing to think that our Lord could have been spending time under one of those same trees.

We visited the Church of all Nations which was built around the stone that is traditionally thought of as the one Jesus prayed at the night he was betrayed. 

Next we went inside the the city walls and visited King David's Tomb (which really isn't) and the Crusader structure known at the Upper Room which commemorates the site at Pentecost where Peter and the other disciples received the tongues of fire and the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus and, also, the commemoration of the last supper.  This is in an area called The City of David

It was lunch time so we went to Bethlehem where we had a lovely meal with a very nice Muslim family in their restaurant that was decorated like a Bedouin Tent. They dressed John, Maxine & Josiah in Bedouin clothes so we could get pictures.

Doron passed us off to a Palestinian guide who took us to Shepherd's Field where we sang a few Christmas songs.  Altho Doron can now guide in Bethlehem he says the Palestinian guides need the work so he uses them.  I think this also gives him time for a little R&R and away from the group.

Our last stop was the Church of the Nativity where we got right in with no lines.  It is getting toward the end of the season and is pretty nice to have the place mostly to ourselves.

Back to the hotel for swimming, dinner and bed.

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