Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10 - Today was a rather light day with only 4 sites to visit.  We started off with the Holocaust Museum which reminds us of the atrocities that man can  inflict on others.  This is a very sobering visit, but I feel it is something we all must see.  In Israel all military personel and school children the age of 10 and up are required to see this. The motto is NEVER AGAIN!!
 Next we went to the Israeli Museum where we we looked over the Model City.  This is a model of the City of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.  It shows where the temple stood and also how Golgotha was outside the city walls at that time.
 After lunch we entered the Shrine of the Book that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls.  You can see a copy of the book of Isaiah which was found and dates back 2000 years.  They found that this was verbatim from our current Bible which proves that changes have not been made.
We ended our day the the Garden Tomb with communion.  The Garden Tomb is a wonderful peaceful site that gives you a much nicer feel as to what it would have been like when the women came to the tomb and found that Jesus had risen from the dead.

After dinner some of us took in the Hot Tub and then off to bed.

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