Monday, June 24, 2013

June 22 - This morning is free time and some of the group went into the old city for more shopping - like they haven't had enough.  Others went swimming and I have been sitting here trying to finish this blog.  Most of us checked out of the hotel by 12:30 PM.

We stopped at Dominoes for Pizza and then went to the Promenade to have lunch and get one more look at Jerusalem before heading out.  When Mike took the left over drinks to the bus he found that Lori had been locked in the bus.  I don't know how this happened but she couldn't get out.  She tried honking the horn but it didn't work without the key.  Obviously the bus was very secure when no one was in it and we left all our stuff on it.  Fortunately she was fine and Doron said this was a first in the 40 years he has been guiding.

We then set out for the Church of St Peter of Gallicantu.  We had a reading of scripture when we were all in the dungeon and Lindsey had to do the reading since her eyes are a lot younger.  I sure am glad I put that flashlight app on my phone.

 and then to the Garden Tomb for communion.

Doron threw in another surprise for everyone.  We stopped at the 911 Memorial.  Israel is the only country that has put up a memorial to the 911 disaster.  It has a fragment of the Towers in it and the names of all that were killed.  It is a very nice memorial, but they need to fix the roads.  When we went 3 years ago we went by 4 wheel drive and this time by bus.  What an experience.

After a bus tour of Tel Aviv and a walk around Jaffa

 Doron  treated us to dinner at a restaurant by the Medeterrainian Sea where his daughter, Osnat and her family joined us. His granddaughter, Noam, likes him just a little.

This is one thing I have never seen a waiter do in the US.  Talk about talent!

We then headed for the airport and the trip home.  Stienkes, Currans and Phyllis & I road back to Jerusalem on the bus.  Doron will take. Phyllis and I to the airport in the AM for our send off.  Stienkes will catch a shuttle for the airport later and head for Germany.  The Currans are staying at another hotel close to town for a couple of days and then they will head for home.

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