Friday, June 7, 2013

June 5 - We said goodbye to Nof Ginosor and stopped first at Sepphoris, the big city an hours walk from Nazareth, where Joseph probably found work during the years Jesus was growing up.  It was being completely rebuilt at that time from an earlier distruction.
  Next we went 4 miles away to modern Nazareth.  We visited the Church of the Annunciation built over the cave homes of the time.
We also went to the Crusader Church built on what is belived to be the site of the synagogue where Jesus declared that Isaiah 51 was referring to him. 

After lunch at Megiddo we hiked up the tell that cotains 25 or more cities - one on top of the other.  From a well preserved Canaanite alter at bedrock level to gates built by Solomon and stone mangers for feeding horses we  relived centuries long past.

Our last stop was Mt Carmel when Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal.   From the roof of the monestary there is a wonderful view of the Jezereel Valley.

  We then drove to Jerusalem.  On our way Phyllis returned a call from her husband and found out that her son-in-law had died that night in bed.  When his wife, Kris woke up he was already in heaven.  Phyllis wasn't sure if she should catch the next plane home and waited until she talked to Kris who told her not to come.  We all know that Jeff was a Christian and assured of a heavenly home thru Christ and there wasn't anything Phyllis could do by flying home.  We figure he and Ken are up there talking each others ear off while doing whatever the Lord has planned for them to do.
Upon entering the city our guide welcomed us to Jerusalem with wine, salt and bread just as Melchizedek welcomed Abraham 4000 years ago.  We all layed hands on Phyllis and prayed for her and her family.

Our day ended as we checked into the Ramat Rachel Hotel

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